Student Volunteer Success Story: Rocío Carratalá-Sáez

Rocío Carratalá-Sáez
Rocío Carratalá-Sáez (left) with Olga Pearce from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (right).

Meet Rocío: A First-Time Student Volunteer

Rocío Carratalá-Sáez is a third-year student pursuing a PhD in computer science, majoring in HPC and H-Matrices algorithms, at Universitat Jaume I, Spain. As a colleague had raised her interest in the SC conference, Rocío applied to become a student volunteer and was accepted, making SC18 her first SC. Of all the things Rocío experienced at the conference, she found her participation in the CV workshop most valuable.

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Rocío Needed Help with Her CV

“When I went to the workshop…”, says Rocío,

“Llevé una copia impresa de mi CV. A mi llegada al taller esperé hasta que un experto quedó disponible; otros estudiantes fueron en busca de algún experto concreto. Estos expertos trabajan en la sección de Recursos Humanos o son profesionales del campo de la Computación. Trabajé con Olga Pearce de Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, y juntas revisamos mi CV y me hizo anotaciones. ¡Aprendí mucho!”

(“I brought a printed copy of my CV with me. Personally, I waited until the first expert was free and met her, but some others waited for specific experts. These experts work in HR or are Computer Science specialists. I worked with Olga Pearce from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and together we looked at my CV, she wrote on it. I learned so much!”)

Olga helped Rocío to understand some of the differences in the components of a CV depending on the country of application. For example, Rocío customarily included a picture of herself, her date of birth, and gender. Olga explained that in the United States that information is not customarily included to avoid discrimination.

“Juntas planteamos lo que quería exponer y me ayudó a descartar méritos o aspectos poco importantes. Estuvo conmigo alrededor de 20 minutos y me dio su email al terminar para que pueda mandarle mi CV actualizado y así seguir mejorándolo.”

(“Together we summed up what I wanted to say, and she helped me see that other things were not important to mention. She worked with me for about 20 minutes, and at the end gave me her email information, so that I could send her my updated CV for eventual further tuning.”)

Rocío found the workshop to be very accessible, the help being experts in computer science, her area of study. She noted that Olga took her time offering guidance, and that all the other students seeking help seemed to enjoy the same laid-back and personable attention that she received.


Rocío Learns of the Mentor–Protége Program

Rocío attended many other workshops and events during her time as a student volunteer at SC18. Before attending SC, she was uncertain about enrolling in the Mentor–Protégé Program, a vibrant HPC community that connects students with experienced mentors. She heard great things about it while at SC18. When she returns to SC in 2019, she hopes to take advantage of that program.

“Espero poder participar en el programa de mentorización”

(“I will be able to sign up to the mentor program, I hope.”)


Opportunities Await for Students at SC

Inspired by Rocío’s story? Learn how you can apply to be a student volunteer and the many other opportunities available to students through the Students@SC program.


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