Calling All HPC Community Leaders: Get Involved with SC

SC Get Involved

Volunteering is a Rewarding Way to Give Back and Build Community

Have you ever contributed to the SC program by presenting a poster, talk, or tutorial? Have you organized a workshop, BoF, or panel? If you are a long-time participant of the SC conference and have dreamt of becoming part of the “behind-the-scenes” team who shapes the future of SC, or if you know someone who you think would be a great nominee, the SC Steering Committee is looking for new members. We’re also looking for candidates for the SC22 General Conference Chair.

SC is created by our community, for our community. Serving on the SC Steering Committee is not only an enjoyable and rewarding way to give back, it’s a great way to build your professional network.


Who We Are

The SC Steering Committee consists of five past, current, and future SC Conference Chairs, two society representatives (one form ACM, one from IEEE), and eight additional members. Each have a term of four years, and every year two new members are elected.

SC conference and exhibition participants are a diverse international group ranging from students to experienced professionals from universities, research facilities, and commercial companies. We’d like the SC Steering Committee to reflects this diversity. For many years we have managed to have a gender-balanced committee, but we would like to especially encourage those early in their careers and those from outside the US to serve.


What We Do

The SC Steering Committee ensures the highest technical and professional standards are maintained for the SC conference programs. We assess previous conferences and establish long-range plans for future conferences, select future conference sites, and appoint the SC Conference General Chair for upcoming SC Conference Planning Committees.

The SC Steering Committee meets once per month in person or via conference call. Throughout each SC conference planning cycle three face-to-face meetings occur – in January after the SC turnover meeting, after the June SC conference planning meeting, and in November at SC. Otherwise, one-hour conference calls are conducted.



For a full list of desired qualities for members of the SC Steering Committee,  the SC Conference General Chair, and for more information, visit the SC Conference Series website.



The deadline for nominating the SC22 Conference General Chair is fast approaching! Nominations for members fo the SC Steering Committee close in the fall of this year.

  • SC22 Conference General Chair nominations close June 30, 2019
  • SC Steering Committee nominations close September 15, 2019


Ask a Question or Nominate

Please send nominations or request for more information about either opportunity to Bernd Mohr, Chair of the Nomination Subcommittee of the SC Steering Committee.



Bernd Mohr, of Juelich Supercomputing Center, was the SC17 Conference General Chair and the SC Steering Committee Chair in 2018. He continues to serve as a member on the SC Steering Committee.

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