Metaoptimization on a Distributed System for Deep Reinforcement Learning
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Machine Learning
TimeMonday, 18 November 201911:30am - 12pm
DescriptionTraining intelligent agents through reinforcement learning (RL) is a notoriously unstable procedure. Massive parallelization on GPUs and distributed systems has been exploited to generate a large amount of training experiences and consequently reduce instabilities, but the success of training remains strongly influenced by the choice of the hyperparameters. To overcome this issue, we introduce HyperTrick, a new metaoptimization algorithm, and show its effective application to tune hyperparameters in the case of deep RL, while learning to play different Atari games on a distributed system. Our analysis provides evidence of the interaction between the identification of the optimal hyperparameters and the learned policy, that is peculiar of the case of metaoptimization for deep RL. When compared with state-of-the-art metaoptimization algorithms, HyperTrick is characterized by a simpler implementation and it allows learning similar policies, while making a more effective use of the computational resources in a distributed system.
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