Mark Ainsworth
Professor Ainsworth obtained his PhD from the University of Durham, United Kingdom in 1989. He is currently Professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown University, and also holds a Joint Faculty Appointment with the Mathematics and Computer Science Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennesse.

Ainsworth's original research interests are in the numerical approximation of partial differential equations. He is, together with J.T. Oden, the co-author of a monograph on, A Posteriori Error Estimation in Finite Element Analysis.

Ainsworth has worked in a range of areas relating to the numerical solution of partial differential equations including a posteriori error estimation and adaptive solution of PDEs using high order finite element methods, multiigrid and domain decomposition methods for the solution of large scale linear algebra problems, the analysis of dispersive and dissipative behaviour of numerical methods for wave propagation, hierarchical and multiscale modelling.
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