Ada Sedova is a R&D staff scientist in the Biophysics group, Biological Sciences Division at ORNL.

Previously, she was a CSEEN Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Scientific Computing Group at the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She works on high performance scientific computing programs in computational biophysics, focusing on software portability into the exascale. In particular, she is studying best practices for creating portable libraries for bottleneck calculations in molecular dynamics simulation programs, including an exploration of the effects of choices in programming language, creation of standard high-level interfaces, and algorithm design on code portability.

Ada has a background in biophysical chemistry and biomolecular spectroscopy, as well as mathematics, and is also currently working on experimental vibrational neutron spectroscopy of biomolecules, in addition to the concurrent development of methods to simulate the experimental incoherent spectra using both classical molecular dynamics and computational quantum chemistry methods.
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