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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Charting the PMIx Roadmap

Authors: Ralph Castain (Intel Corporation), Joshua Hursey (IBM Corporation), Kathryn Mohror (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Abstract: PMIx facilitates interaction between applications, tools, and middleware and system runtime environments. We have had a highly eventful year with continued adoption, release of new capabilities, and formation of a more formal standards body. We'll recap the activities of the past year and present a proposed roadmap for next year for discussion.

The PMIx community includes viewpoints from across the computing spectrum including HPC, AI, and Data Analytics. To that end, we solicit feedback and suggestions on the roadmap in advance of the session and will include time for a lively discussion at the meeting.

Cookies will be served!

Long Description: PMI-Exascale (PMIx) provides an extended version of the PMI definition specifically designed to support clusters up to and including exascale sizes. The community's efforts include:

(a) adding an array of key-value “attribute” pairs to each PMIx API signature to allow implementers to customize the behavior of the API as future needs emerge without having to alter or create new variants of it;

(b) extending the capability of applications to interact with the Resource Manager (RM) and Work Load Manager (WLM) to provide capabilities such as asynchronous event notification plus dynamic resource allocation and management;

(c) providing an optional standalone "reference" library (including both client and server support) to ease adoption of the desired capabilities while removing licensing issues that exist in some current implementations.

(d) providing a companion PMIx Reference RTE (PRRTE) for development of PMIx-enabled applications and tools.

Last year's BOF described the v3.0 features with presentations from the PMIx community on specific use cases enabled by those features. This year, we will describe the v4.0 features and associated use cases, but spend more time discussing the roadmap ahead for the PMIx community. Planned topics include:

* New features added to PMIx in the last year

* Proposed features for the next year

* Progress in the PMIx standardization effort

* Solicitation for proposed new features and use case scenarios

Our objectives for the BOF remain to present the current state of the PMIx effort, describe its planned directions, and stimulate a discussion regarding desired features and other elements of the roadmap. We consider community interaction vital to the future of PMIx and the development of the project's roadmap.

Be part of the discussion: come contribute to the roadmap and see how you can (and should!) join our efforts.


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