SC19 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

TCHPC Career Panel

Authors: Akshaye Dhawan (Bloomberg LP), Manish Parashar (Rutgers University), Sanjukta Bhowmicj (University of North Texas)

Abstract: The panel will consist of representatives from the industry and academia with a background in HPC. The panel will share advice on different career options in HPC, and their experiences in their respective career trajectories. The primary audience for this event is current graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. The format will include a brief introduction by each speaker, followed by a moderated discussion based on a set of previously submitted questions and ending with further questions from the audience. We may also have a brief keynote speaker.

Long Description: The primary goal of this BOF is to share career paths for students in HPC. We aim to create a diverse panel with representatives from R1 universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges and industry. The audience for this event is current graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in the field, who will be in the job market within the next 5 years.

Our proposed BOF complements the other career oriented events being held at SC, such as the one-on-one mentor-protégé program and more industry focused job fair, by providing information about multiple career options and trajectories from a group of panelist who work in different areas of HPC.

We are planning on having a panel of 6-8 panelists and a moderator. A majority of the time will be spent an audience interaction.

In preparation for the panel, we will reach out to the attendees of the Students@SC and the doctoral showcase to ask them to submit questions/topics that they would like the panel to discuss. We are collaborating with the doctoral showcase chair Stefano Markidis and the Students@SC chair Stephen Lien Harris to advertise this event to the participants of that event. As part of this collaboration we are also sponsoring travel awards for Doctoral showcase attendees.

The format of the panel will be as follows. First each speaker will provide a brief introduction of themselves and an outline of their career paths. After, the introduction, the panelists will discuss a set of given questions. This will be followed by further questions from the audience.

Our goals are to expose graduate students to diverse career paths, to enable them to build connections with faculty and industry representatives and to create a forum for a free and frank discussion on tradeoffs between these different possible career paths. Last years panel had representatives from Facebook, Google, UNT, NSF and the Texas Advanced Computing Center. The panel had two women representatives and diverse institutional and industry participation and we will aim for a broad representation once again.

This BOF is being organized by the TCHPC Educational Outreach Initiative and is being cross advertised by TCPP and the SIGHPC Educational Outreach Initiative.

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