SC19 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Emerging Technologies and HPC Education, Outreach, and Training: Challenges and Opportunities

Authors: Nitin Sukhija (Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania), Scott Lathrop (University of Illinois), Maciej Cytowski (Pawsey Supercomputing Center), Susan Mehringer (Cornell University), Mozhgan Chimeh (University of Sheffield), Florence Hudson (FDHint LLC), Lavanya Ramakrishnan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Jake Mihevc (Mohawk Valley Community College), Vince Betro (Baylor School, Chattanooga, Tennessee), Karan Bhatia (Google LLC)

Abstract: The rapid advancement and introduction of new HPC technologies has facilitated the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics, Big Data, Cybersecurity and the HPC domain platforms. Integrated, flexible and scalable pedagogical and andragogical approaches are needed along with traditional HPC instructional practices to address broad workforce needs necessitated by these new convergent platforms and paradigms. Through brief panel-style discussions, this ACM SIGHPC Education Chapter coordinated BOF aims to elicit a better understanding of the factors that lead to successful HPC teaching and learning in AI, ML and Cybersecurity and other emerging communities using HPC infrastructure.

Long Description: High performance computing has become central for empowering progress in research and scholarship in all domains. With the advent of myriad different technologies in the post peta-scale computing era, the future of HPC involves a significantly greater degree of parallelism than we are observing currently. The rapid advancement and introduction of new processing technologies for HPC has facilitated the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analytics, Big Data and the HPC domain platforms to solve complex large-scale real-time analytics and scientific applications pertaining to diverse fields. The HPC community is rigorously involved in developing and delivering HPC educational content and training to address the scale and the needs required at various levels of education. The traditional classroom approach for HPC pedagogy does not fit needs required for all emergent technologies and at various levels of education.

This BoF, an ACM SIGHPC education chapter coordinated effort, aims to share experiences with educational approaches and challenges that stimulate the acquisition of high performance computing skills in the AI, ML, Cybersecurity and other emerging communities that are employing HPC infrastructure. The BoF assembles a distinguished panel of speakers involved in HPC training and education efforts worldwide who will present five-minute introductory overviews on: 1) HPC education efforts in area of Machine Learning and AI in UK (Mozhgan Kabiri Chimeh) 2) High Performance Computational and Data Science education efforts by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (Lavanya Ramakrishnan) 3) HPC educational training in Cybersecurity Environments (Florence Hudson) 4) Google Cloud Education efforts (Karan Bhatia) 5) Integration of HPC with Diverse Degree programs in Canada (Ramses Van Zon) 6) K-12 HPC education integration efforts (Vincent Betro)

Through short presentations followed by a panel-style discussion, the BoF aims:

a) to highlight success stories and challenges of integrating technology-based transformational experiences, such as contests and research, for increasing the effectiveness of HPC education in emerging communities,

b) to gain a better understanding of factors that lead to successful learning; and identity development in this domain,

c) to gather best practices, document opportunities for improvement and potential solutions,

d) to establish sustainable long term collaborative efforts focusing on development supporting HPC education, and

e) building HPC training and education community for emerging technologies.

The SIGHPC education committee has coordinated several BoFs over years focusing on HPC education and training efforts, and related challenges and successes. BoFs focusing on widening participation in HPC education and training were conducted and very well received at the ISC18 and SC18, and two related BoFs were conducted at PEARC 2018. This BoF will discuss best practices, strategies and sustainable models for training and educating the current and the next generation of HPC taskforce. This BoF will be of high interest to SC 2019 participants with a stake in using and/or providing HPC education. This includes, but is not limited to, academia, industry, government and non-profit/non-governmental organizations worldwide. This includes students, HPC leaders, domain science and engineering researchers, faculty, software developers, systems administrators, information technology staff, user support professionals and computing center management.


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