SC19 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Whither Advanced Scientific Computing After Exascale Is Achieved?

Authors: Roscoe Giles (Boston University), Alexandra Landsberg (US Department of Defense HPC Modernization Program)

Abstract: The goal of this BoF is to discuss the landscape for advanced scientific computing after the United States achieves the exascale milestone. What are possible future breakthroughs? What are promising computing and mathematics research directions? How do we organize people and resources to move forward? How do we sustain and broaden the impact of exascale technology?

These questions will be introduced by members of a task force that is studying beyond the Exascale Computing Project. The community discussion will inform both the participants and the task force members.

Long Description: In the United States (US), there has been a multi-agency, multi-year, focused Exascale Computing Initiative that is expected to be completed in the next few years. The US Department of Energy (DOE) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is part of this effort that directly impacts the scientific computing enterprise in the US and greater supercomputing community. ECP is a multi-faceted project that has engaged teams of computer scientists, applied mathematicians, applications scientists, facilities managers, and software and hardware vendors in a common purpose.

Anticipating the conclusion of ECP, we need to identify both how to sustain and grow this newly birthed ecosystem for scientific computing as well as how to nurture and grow research in applied math and computer science addressing critical challenges to the DOE, the US, and the world.

This BoF will provide a forum for discussing these issues with a task force that will provide advice to the DOE Office of Science about the transition of ECP efforts upon its conclusion and broadly discuss strategies and approaches for research beyond ECP. This discussion will be the last planned public meeting held by the task force before its report is finalized.

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