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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

In Situ Visualization and Analysis Workflows for WarpX

Workshop: In Situ Visualization and Analysis Workflows for WarpX

Abstract: This paper summarizes ongoing work on in situ visualization and analysis work ows for the particle-in-cell code WarpX, using the in situ tools SENSEI and Ascent. We report on preliminary tests performed on the DOE NERSC Cori Haswell system. We also report on the progress to generate “compiled” visualizations represented as an image database (e.g. Cinema databases) to support interactive post-processing of large datasets. An example of using SENSEI with ParaView Catalyst backend and VisIt Libsim backend is presented. Other backends for SENSEI on NERSC’s Cori system are under evaluation. A detailed description of installation and execution processes with WarpX using in situ visualization (via SENSEI or Ascent) is given in the WarpX online documentation.

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