SC19 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Abstract: In this paper we describe how high performance computing in the Google Cloud Platform can be utilized in an urgent and emergency situation to process large amounts of traffic data efficiently and on demand. Our approach provides a solution to an urgent need for disaster management using massive data processing and high performance computing. The traffic data used in this demonstration is collected from the public camera systems on Interstate highways in the Southeast United States. Our solution launches a parallel processing system that is the size of a Top 5 supercomputer using the Google Cloud Platform. Results show that the parallel processing system can be launched in a few hours, that it is effective at fast processing of high volume data, and can be de-provisioned in a few hours. We processed 211TB of video utilizing 6,227,593 core hours over the span of about eight hours with an average cost of around $0.008 per vCPU hour, which is less than the cost of many on-premise HPC systems.

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