SC19 Keynote Session Video: Opening Remarks, Society Awards, & Keynote Introduction

SC19 Keynote Session: First 20 Minutes

SC19 General Chair, Michela Taufer, introduces SC19 and speaks to the conference theme, “HPC Is Now”. Also included is full video of the Ken Kennedy, Sidney Fernbach, and Seymour Cray Society Awards presentations, and the introduction of Keynote Speaker Steven Squyres.


SC19 Keynote Speaker: Steven Squyres

50 years ago, the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon for the first time. That achievement was made possible by women and men using the most advanced technology and computing power of that time.

I like to think that outer space is not the boundary of our imagination, that humankind can go beyond, and that HPC is our key to the universe.

Humankind has spent more than 5,600 days exploring Mars with two unmanned rovers. These NASA machines guided by computing power made it possible for scientists to access their findings from as far as 250 million miles away.

Mars also played an important role in the Student Cluster Competition Reproducibility Initiative at SC19. Students were challenged to reproduce and expand the results of a paper from SC18 by building several Mars models based on satellite data collected by NASA.

I shared with you my excitement about how HPC has moved to the edge, to enable the exploration of Mars. And a person that makes that excitement contagious has been our SC19 Keynote, Dr. Steven Squyres.



Michela Taufer, PhD, General Chair, SC19

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Michela Taufer is the Dongarra Professor in the Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Tickle College of Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


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