The Students@SC Mentor–Protégé Program supports the growth of a vibrant HPC community by connecting students with experienced mentors.


Register for the Mentor–Protégé Program when you register to attend the conference.

Students and mentors are matched based on multiple factors, including research interests, career goals, long- and short-term plans, and general interests. We do our best to accommodate as many protégés as we can, with priority given to early registrants. Mentors, we need as many of you as possible – the SC community very much appreciates your participation, so please sign up!

In order to participate, we suggest that you:

  1. Complete a mentor–protégé matching survey (to be sent during registration);
  2. Conduct a pre-conference email exchange or phone call between mentor and protégé; and
  3. Attend at least one of our organized events during the conference (details to be announced).


Mentor-Protégé Stories

Read the stories below, get inspired, and participate!

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