Exhibitor Description
OpenIO develops a hyper-scalable, open source object storage solution - called OpenIO SDS - that is ideal for Big Data, HPC and AI. With its distributed grid architecture and unique self-healing ‘Conscience’ technology, OpenIO SDS scales easily without mandatory data rebalancing, while delivering consistent high performance. The object storage solution supports S3 and can be deployed on-premise, cloud-hosted or at the edge. It can run on any hardware and has already attracted more than 30 clients worldwide, which include among others, Dailymotion, the CEA, and the IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan) service provider. OpenIO appears in the selection of “13 cloud startups to follow closely” chosen in March 2019 by Alliancy magazine. Based in Lille, France, OpenIO also has offices in Paris and Tokyo. Why choose between performance and scalability, when you can have both? Find out more at, and follow @openio on Twitter.
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