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Panasas supports industry and research innovation around the world with HPC data storage solutions designed for extreme performance and scalability. Whether it’s building the next Dreamliner, winning a Formula One race, creating mind-bending visual effects, curing disease, or modeling climate change, the world’s leading companies trust Panasas to support their most innovative HPC and AI projects. Built for price/performance and engineered for manageability, the new generation of the PanFS® parallel file system is integrated with state-of-the art commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to deliver the fastest parallel file system at any price point. PanFS, delivered on the ActiveStor® Ultra a turn-key appliance, offers unlimited performance scaling in 4 GB/s building blocks, utilizing multi-tier intelligent data placement to maximize storage performance by placing metadata on low-latency NVMe SSDs, small files on high IOPS SSDs, and large files on high-bandwidth HDDs. The system’s balanced node architecture optimizes networking, CPU, memory and storage capacity to prevent hot spots and bottlenecks, ensuring consistently high performance regardless of workload. Expect more from your storage. Choose Panasas.
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