IntelliProp Inc.
Exhibitor Description
IntelliProp is a storage solutions company that provides Intellectual Property (IP) cores and full-chip ASSP product solutions. The IP Cores cover a wide-range of industry-proven interface protocol solutions such as SATA, NVMe, Gen-Z and SAS and special function IPs such as Encryption, ECC and Flash Management for integration in FPGA and ASIC designs. Multi-core protocol Bridges and Flash Controller solutions are among the available solutions. IntelliProp also has completed multiple, industry proven full chip ASSP solutions using FPGAs which are offered to the market as turnkey solutions. Products such as SSD NAND controllers, Gen-Z Memory Controllers and various high-performance RAID and Protocol Bridges are among the available solutions. IntelliProp products may be viewed at and IntelliProp may be contacted at
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