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Hybrid Computing (HC) – Next-Gen Data Access Technology
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Exhibitor Forum
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Data Management
TimeTuesday, 19 November 201911:30am - 12pm
DescriptionToday, the world around the Internet is flooded with data, which is scattered all over the place. For example, when performing data analytics, it is common to first upload data to the cloud or to an on-premises server, and then perform tasks. However, this method has problems such as the task of uploading data, time, and cost, and therefore the data analytics may not be performed quickly and efficiently.

Hybrid Computing (HC) under development by Our Company is a framework not only to solve these problems at once, but also to expect performance improvement and cost reduction. Our solution is not data-driven but code-driven, an architecture that uniquely handles a wide variety of clients and servers. (In fact, our tests have shown that it performs about 9 to 50 times better.)
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