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Starfish for Research Data Management: Analytics, Metadata, Data Movement, and Orchestration
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Data Management
TimeTuesday, 19 November 201910:30am - 11am
DescriptionStarfish is software for managing HPC-scale file systems and object stores. Starfish associates metadata with files and directories. Metadata are used for reporting, web portals, and for shaping storage management policies. Starfish is the most sophisticated and scalable indexing and reporting platform for big file systems. It supports billions and can execute batch processes based on query results.

We will be showcasing our "Storage Zones" end-user portal that enables users to analyze their own file collections and orchestrate data management (backup, archive, delete, migrate, etc.). Once you give your users the proper tools, you can hold them accountable for cleaning up their storage messes and being the stewards of their own data.

Starfish has been battle tested on some of the largest and most demanding file systems in the world. Our software is running in production in DOE labs, NIH labs, universities, and household name corporations in in most industries.
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