HPC Impact Showcase
Virtual Designs, Real Results
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HPC Impact Showcase
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TimeTuesday, 19 November 20192:30pm - 3pm
DescriptionProviding engineers the ability to easily review, analyze and visualize the copious amounts of data generated from advanced modeling and simulation is crucial to inform design and development. Due to the growing complexity of models, relying on internal HPC alone was not going to meet our requirements for providing CFD consultation to clients.

We will highlight how increasing our HPC capacity through a partnership with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), has allowed us to scale our consulting capabilities. We’ll highlight working with racing clients’ like NASCAR R&D and Honda Racing’s complex geometry, and show how we’ve been able to run massive simulations and develop accurate models for clients rather than having to scaling down and adversely affect results and recommendations.

Using HPC at this scale does creates other issues like ‘Drowning in Data’

Our partnership with OSC has also enabled us to create a solver agnostic, Web App called ‘TS Results’ that allows us (and other users) to collect data and results from most CFD solvers into a standardized format. This accelerates design by publishing the results, desired images, movies and plots in one place for quick and easy comparison, giving the user more time to analyze results and refine designs by spending less time on collating and plotting data.

We will discuss how adopting expanded HPC has allowed us to provide clients with solutions that enhance stakeholder collaboration amongst multiple agencies and departments, provide more timely analysis, all while increasing overall throughput and deriving more from existing data.
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