HPC Impact Showcase
LLNL and ExxonMobil’s High-Performance Collaboration in Reservoir Simulation
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HPC Impact Showcase
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TimeTuesday, 19 November 20192pm - 2:30pm
DescriptionLLNL and ExxonMobil partnered together to combine their scientific talents to harness the power of HPC for generating insight into cost-effective and sustainable ways to develop oil and gas reservoirs. This partnership lead to significant accomplishments in modeling complex subsurface flow processes by combining ExxonMobil’s reservoir simulation technology with LLNL’s HPC expertise and resources. As the industry moves to ever more complicated oil and gas fields, the ability to optimize facilities and operations is increasingly critical. Mega-models with fast turn-around for dynamic simulation enable engineers and geoscientists to rapidly evaluate multiple scenarios. ExxonMobil and LLNL scientists worked together to perform a scalability study of three-phase black-oil multi-billion cell models on LLNL’s Vulcan and Sequoia supercomputers. The results of these efforts demonstrated exceptional scaling on the range of 1k to 1.5M cores. This is the largest number of processor counts reported by the oil and gas industry today.
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