Invited Talk
“Simulate First” and the Role of HPC – A Caterpillar Perspective
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Invited Talk
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TimeThursday, 21 November 201911:15am - 12pm
Description“Simulate first” is an imperative spreading across the design and manufacturing communities of multiple commercial companies. To remain competitive in today’s markets, companies must find a way to keep the cost of developing new products as low as possible while simultaneously exploring as much of the design space as possible for qualities the customer expects and values. At Caterpillar, these qualities usually include product performance, robustness, uptime, serviceability, and total cost of ownership. “Simulate first” is a powerful approach to this challenge. We will discuss Caterpillar’s view of what is needed to become a “simulate first” organization and the role that HPC is currently playing and might play in the future. We will focus on how HPC is a central piece of a global compute environment on which product development engineers depend and what challenges that dependence creates for delivering a stable, but ever-modern, HPC environment.
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