Democratization of HPC through the Use of Web Portals: Different Strategies
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 20193:30pm - 5pm
DescriptionHPC is now used in all domains (scientific, industrial, medical, financial, media, data analytics). More and more diverse user communities access heterogeneous and geographically distributed HPC resources (on-premises, private, and public Cloud), without necessarily being aware of them. This HPC democratization requires user-friendly web portals, science gateways, and web services to expose business related features and hide underlying technical complexity. Web interfaces are now a standard way to fulfill HPC end-users and administrators’ needs from PCs as well as from mobile devices. The goal of this panel is to discuss the diverse user experiences (developers, computational experts, course instructors, unexperienced new comers) and the features they require. Different development and distribution approaches (open source or commercial software, products or services) will also be discussed. The panelists will conclude by sharing their vision on how the evolution of HPC usage will shape the future portals, web services, and related emerging standards.
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