Perfecting Your Elevator Speech and Growing Your Professional Network
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Career Development
Student Program
TimeSunday, 17 November 20191:30pm - 3pm
DescriptionAll SC19 student attendees are invited to this session that is designed to help attendees develop and perfect your elevator speech. Introducing yourself well sets the stage for a professional conversation, whether that’s at a networking event, with a colleague or at the beginning of an interview. In this session, you will learn how to use one tool, called an elevator speech, that you can utilize to help make these introductions both simple and effective. A personal elevator speech is a quick summary of yourself. It’s named for the time it takes to ride an elevator from bottom to top of a building. An elevator speech is useful to have ready at conferences such as SC where you have many opportunities to network as well as in future job interviews. From the phone screen to in-person interviews, you’ll be asked to provide a summary of who you are, your background and what you want from your next job. Come learn how to deliver an effective elevator speech.

*Students are highly encouraged to bring a copy of your resume/CV to assist in the development of your elevator speech.*
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