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Poster 91: FreeCompilerCamp: Online Training for Extending Compilers
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 201910:30am - 10:48am
DescriptionIn this presentation, we introduce an ongoing effort of an online training platform aimed to automate the training of developers to quickly extend compilers - Our free and open platform allows anyone who is interested in developing compilers to learn the necessary skills. A live training website, built on top of Play-With-Docker, is set up so that anyone with internet access and a web browser will be able to take this training. The entire training system is open-source and developers with relevant skills can contribute new tutorials and deploy it on a private server, workstation or even laptop. We have created some initial tutorials on how to extend the Clang/LLVM or ROSE compilers to support new OpenMP features. Using a web interface consisting of two side-by-side panels, users can follow the tutorials on one side and immediately practice what they learned in a terminal sandbox embedded on the other.
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