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Poster 85: Hybrid Computing Platform for Combinatorial Optimization with the Coherent Ising Machine
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Research Posters
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TimeThursday, 21 November 20198:30am - 5pm
LocationE Concourse
DescriptionSeveral institutes are operating cloud platforms that offer Web API access to Ising computers such as quantum annealing machines. Platform users can solve complex combinatorial optimization problems by using hybrid algorithms that utilize both users' conventional digital computers and remote Ising computers. However, communication via the Internet takes an order of magnitude longer time than optimization on Ising computers. This overheads seriously degrade the performance of hybrid algorithms since they involve frequent communication. In this poster, we first state issues in the design of Ising computing platforms, including communication overheads. Then, we answer the issues by introducing the computing platform for the coherent Ising machine (CIM), an Ising computer based on photonics technologies. Our platform offers efficient CIM-digital communication by allowing users to execute their program on digital computers co-located with the CIM. We have released the platform to our research collaborators in this autumn and started the evaluation.
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