Performance Tuning with the Roofline Model on GPUs and CPUs
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TimeMonday, 18 November 20191:30pm - 5pm
DescriptionThe Roofline performance model offers an insightful and intuitive method for extracting the key execution characteristics of HPC applications and comparing them against the performance ­bounds of modern CPUs and GPUs. Its capability to abstract the complexity of memory hierarchies and identify the most profitable optimization techniques have made Roofline­-based analysis increasingly popular in the HPC community. Although different flavors of the Roofline model have been developed to deal with various definitions of memory data movement, there remains a need for a systematic methodology when applying them to analyze the efficiency of applications running on multicore, many­core, and accelerated systems.

The tutorial aims to bridge this gap on both CPUs and GPUs by exposing the fundamental aspects behind different Roofline modeling principles and providing several practical use­ case scenarios to highlight their efficacy for application optimization. This tutorial presents a unique and solid combination of novel methodologies applied to optimize a representative set of open science use cases, while practice­-oriented, hands-on topics and labs are given by the lead methodology researchers and the main designer of Intel’s Roofline automation tools. The tutorial presenters have a long history of working with the Roofline model and have presented several Roofline-­based tutorials.
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