International Parallel Data Systems Workshop (PDSW)
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Big Data
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TimeMonday, 18 November 20199am - 9:10am
DescriptionWe are pleased to announce that the 4th International Parallel Data Systems Workshop (PDSW’19) will be hosted at SC19: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis. The objectives of this one day workshop are to promote and stimulate researchers’ interactions to address some of the most critical challenges for scientific data storage, management, devices, and processing infrastructure for both traditional compute intensive simulations and data-intensive high performance computing solutions. Special attention will be given to issues in which community collaboration can be crucial for problem identification, workload capture, solution interoperability, standards with community buy-in, and shared tools.

Many scientific problem domains continue to be extremely data intensive. Traditional HPC systems and the programming models for using them such as MPI were designed from a compute-centric perspective with an emphasis on achieving high floating point computation rates. But processing, memory, and storage technologies have not kept pace and there is a widening performance gap between computation and the data management infrastructure. Hence data management has become the performance bottleneck for a significant number of applications targeting HPC systems. Concurrently, there are increasing challenges in meeting the growing demand for analyzing experimental and observational data. In many cases, this is leading new communities to look toward HPC platforms. In addition, the broader computing space has seen a revolution in new tools and frameworks to support Big Data analytics and machine learning.
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