HPC for Urgent Decision Making (UrgentHPC)
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Big Data
Computational Science
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Societal Challenges
TimeSunday, 17 November 20192pm - 2:02pm
DescriptionResponding to disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, winter weather conditions, and accidents; technological advances are creating exciting new opportunities that have the potential to move HPC well beyond traditional computational workloads. While HPC has a long history of simulating disasters, what’s missing to support emergency, urgent, decision making is fast, real-time acquisition of data and the ability to guarantee time constraints.

Our ability to capture data continues to grow very significantly, and combining high velocity data and live analytics with HPC models can aid in urgently responding to real-world problems, ultimately saving lives and reducing economic loss. Not just responding to disasters, but also using HPC to make urgent decisions addressing more general issues, such as human health emergencies and global diseases, requires expertise in a wide range of areas. From dealing with real-time data, to experience in generating results within specific time frames (real-time constraints), and generating visualizations enabling front-line decision makers to make correct choices first time, every time. The challenges here are significant, but if HPC can be proven as a tool in responding to these real-world issues, the impact for our community is huge.

This workshop will bring together stakeholders, researchers and practitioners from across the HPC community to identify and tackle issues involved in using HPC for urgent decision making. Success stories, case-studies and challenges will be shared, with the goal of further building up a community around leveraging HPC as an important tool in urgently responding to disasters and societal challenges.
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