Comparing Managed Memory and UVM with and without Prefetching on NVIDIA Volta GPUs
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Scientific Computing
TimeMonday, 18 November 201911:30am - 11:50am
DescriptionOne of the major differences in many-core versus multicore architectures is the presence of two different memory spaces: a host space and a device space. In the case of NVIDIA GPUs, the device is supplied with data from the host via one of the multiple memory management API calls provided by the CUDA framework, such as CudaMallocManaged and CudaMemCpy. Modern systems, such as the Summit supercomputer, have the capability to avoid the use of CUDA calls for memory management and access the same data on GPU and CPU. This is done via the Address Translation Services (ATS) technology that gives a unified virtual address space for data allocated with malloc and new if there is an NVLink connection between the two memory spaces. In this paper, we perform a deep analysis of the performance achieved when using two types of unified virtual memory addressing: UVM and managed memory.
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