A Study of Hydrodynamics Based Community Codes in the Astrophysics
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TimeSunday, 17 November 20199:35am - 9:50am
DescriptionAdvances in mathematical models and numerical algorithms combined with increasing reliance on simulations for understanding multi-physics and multi-scale phenomena has made the task of software development for simulations a large and complex enterprise. Development and adoption of community codes is one way to address this challenge. The astrophysics community has been ahead of many other science communities in making research codes publicly available, and therefore in the development and adoption of community codes. ZEUS-2D was one of the earliest codes to become public, and it has been followed by several others. A study of the landscape of publicly available software and their penetration in the research conducted by the community can provide important insight for other communities that are struggling with similar issues. In this paper we analyze a subset of software available in ASCL to understand a part of the landscape. The category of software that we focused on involves modeling of hydrodynamics. We use the citation history of the software for our analysis.
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