Siddhartha Jana is a research scientist at Intel Corporation and a co-lead within the EEHPC-WG (Energy Efficient HPC Working Group). He holds a doctorate from the University of Houston in energy efficiency and distributed memory programming models. At Intel, his research projects are driven towards leveraging hardware features to explore energy efficiency within the HPC software stack. His other research interests include programming models, High Performance Computing, compiler design and analyses, runtime systems, communication libraries, and distributed computing. As part of his research, he has collaborated with a number of organizations across academia, government, and the industry including Total, ORNL, Technische University, Dresden, Intel, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Cray Inc. With his two hats on - Intel and EEHPCWG, Sid is actively collaborating on HPC PowerStack, a community-wide effort to design a unified HPC system stack that will facilitate building system-wide power efficiency solutions for future large-scale machines.
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