Keri Savoca
Keri Savoca is an engineering technical writer at Tapad. After learning basic programming skills as a child and working as a technical writer throughout high school, she took a long detour and pursued careers in sound design, acoustical engineering, education, and linguistics.

Keri earned a BMus in Studio Production and a BA in Arts Management (both from SUNY Purchase), an MFA in Sound Design from Yale University, and an MA in TESOL from Hunter College.

After attending a coding bootcamp to sharpen her programming skills, Keri took on some freelance technical writing clients and started blogging on the side. Almost immediately, several of her articles went viral. She decided to combine her love for writing with her skills in engineering. Now, she enjoys the best of both worlds.

In her free time, Keri works as a freelance journalist and writer, runs a technical publication called Coding in Simple English, makes music, studies languages (both natural and programming), and questions virtually everything.
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