Dr. Guillaume Houzeaux is co-leader of the Physical And Numerical Modeling Group at BSC. He is one of the main architects of Alya code, which was awarded as the best HPC application in 2012 by the International Data Corporation, and that is used by more than 50 scientists worldwide. He has supervised 5 PhD thesis (and co-supervised 5 more) and 10 postdoctoral researchers in topics related with simulation of physical phenomena and scientific computing using HPC tools. He’s also participating actively to the education of bachelor and master students, from physics, mathematics and computer science at the national and international level. Dr. Houzeaux has also participated as a responsible or a collaborator in two Marie-Curie ITN actions (COPA-GT and MatComPhys), and has participated in technology transfer with industries such as: IBM, Iberdrola, Repsol, Fluidda, JyD, Vortexbladeless, etc. Dr. Houzeaux has published more than 60 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and hundreds of papers in international conferences on research lines related with the current project. He’s also the co-founder of ELEM company, a spin-off of BSC offering HPC simulation services in biomechanical engineering (
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