Shahzeb Siddiqui
Shahzeb Siddiqui started out his career in High Performance Computing (HPC) in 2012 at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) while pursuing his Masters. His focus in HPC includes Parallel Programming, Performance Tuning, Containers (Singularity, Docker), Linux system administration, Scientific Software Installation and testing, Scheduler Optimization, and Job Analytics. Shahzeb has held multiple roles in his HPC career at Dassault-Systemes, Pfizer, Penn State, and IBM. Prior to 2012, he was a software engineer holding multiple roles at Global Science & Technology, Northrop Grumman, and Applied Research Laboratory.

Shahzeb is the creator of open-source project buildtest a Software Stack Testing Framework designed to automate testing for HPC systems. Shahzeb is an experienced Developer, Dev-Ops, Cloud Engineer, and System Administrator. He holds a M.S in Computer Science from KAUST and B.S in Computer Engineer from Penn State University.
Best Practices
Build Systems
HPC Center Planning and Operations
Parallel Application Frameworks
System Testing
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