J. Thomas Pawlowski
J. Thomas Pawlowski is a systems architect and multi-discipline design engineer currently self-employed as a consultant and entrepreneur. He has recently retired from Micron Technology, Inc. where he was employed for 27 years, holding titles including Senior Director, Fellow, Chief Architect and Chief Technologist. He was at the center of numerous new memory architectures, technologies and concepts including synchronous pipelined burst memory, zero bus turnaround memory, double data rate memory, quad data rate memory, reduced latency memory, SerDes memory, multi-channel memory, 3D memory, abstracted memory, smart memory, non-deterministic finite automata (processing in memory technology), processing in interbank memory regions, processing in memory controllers, processing in NAND memory, processing in 3D memory stacks, memory controllers, 3DXpoint memory management, and cryogenic memory among others. Prior to Micron he served for almost 10 years at Allied-Signal Aerspace/Garrett Canada (now Honeywell). In his colorful career Thomas has many design firsts including first FPGAs, microcontrollers and custom microprocessors in aerospace applications, one of the early laptop computer designs (with perhaps the world's first SSD comprising NOR Flash), a novel electronic musical instrument, a line of high-end loudspeakers, and a from-scratch 2-seat electric vehicle design achieving nearly 400mpge efficiency. Thomas holds a BASc degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo and is an IEEE Fellow. Thomas is available for consulting opportunities and would consider employment offers too good to refuse.
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