Eric Stotzer
Eric Stotzer (Ph.D. University of Houston, 2010) is with Mythic where he is the Research Compiler Manager. He is currently working on developing new programming models for mixed-signal AI inference accelerators. Eric was previously with Texas Instruments where he was a Distinguished Member Technical Staff. Over the years he has worked on compilers and tools for micro-controllers and digital signal processors as well as Hardware/software co-design efforts for new processor architectures. Eric was the TI representative to the OpenMP architecture review board and co-chair of the OpenMP accelerator subcommittee. Eric is one of the authors of one of the latest books on OpenMP: “Using OpenMP – the next step”.

Eric has extensive experience with OpenMP tutorials including the “Advanced OpenMP” tutorial presented at SC14, SC15, SC16, and SC17.
Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models
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