Alan Edelman is a professor of mathematics at MIT, a member of the Computer Science & AI Labs, and cofounded two supercomputing companies. Edelman learned many lost lessons as a graduate student at MIT moonlighting at Thinking Machines Corporation in the 1980s where he won a Gordon Bell Prize. He grew to believe that breakthroughs in HPC could come from raising the levels of abstraction through high-level languages that are built from the ground up for performance and productivity. He teamed up with Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski, and Viral Shah in the creation of Julia. Edelman has won numerous prizes from top10 in the Mathematics Olympiad as a high school student, the Householder Prize for his PhD, the Babbage Prize for Julia, and many others. He is a fellow of IEEE, SIAM, and the AMS. At MIT he received his PhD advised by Nick Trefethen. He worked at UC Berkeley mentored by Jim Demmel. Edelman worked at CERFACS, and has consulted for IBM, Pixar, Akamai, Intel, and Microsoft among other corporations. He looks forward to a bright future for Supercomputing where everyone participates.
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