Kengo Nakajima is a Professor, Supercomputing Research Division, Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo since 2008. Prior to joining the University of Tokyo in 2004, he spent 19 years in industry. He is also a Deputy Director of RIKEN R-CCS (Cetner for Computational Science) since 2018. His research interest covers computational mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical linear algebra, parallel iterative algorithms, parallel preconditioning methods, multigrid methods, parallel programming models, adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), and parallel visualization. He is the leading PI of "ppOpen-HPC" Project (Open Source Infrastructure for Development and Execution of Large-Scale Scientific Applications on Post-Peta-Scale Supercomputers with Automatic Tuning (AT)) supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (FY.2011-2015), and also a co-PI of "ESSEX-II" Project (Equipping Sparse Solvers for Exascale) under collaboration between JST-CREST (Japan) and DFG-SPPEXA (Germany) (FY.2015-2018). He is also the leading PI of “Innovative Method for Computational Science by Integrations of (Simulation + Data + Learning) in the Exascale Era” supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) (FY.2019-2023). B.Eng (1985, Aeronautics, University of Tokyo), M.S. (1993, Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas at Austin), Ph.D. (2003, Engineering Mechanics, University of Tokyo).
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