Marcin Rojek
Co-founder and CEO of byteLAKE, a company specializing in building AI and HPC solutions.

Emerging technologies and innovations have always been high on his agenda throughout his professional career. Hence the foundation of his company is established on a close relationship between science, academia and business. Marcin started his career as a programmer for mobile end embedded systems. Then continued in various leadership roles across Europe, USA and Asia.

He is totally fascinated by how machine learning, deep learning and powerful supercomputing architectures transform industries and the world around us. As byteLAKE’s co-founder his focus is on augmenting human capabilities with latest AI and HPC technologies to deliver value across industries. His team has already delivered innovations for CFD, Semiconductors, MedTech, Logistics, Industry 4.0, Business Automation and contributed with many research papers to the scientific community.
Quantum Computing
Reconfigurable Computing
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