Bev Crair
Bev Crair is the Vice President of Development & Quality at Lenovo Data Center Group. Since joining the Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) in August 2017, Bev Crair recently stepped into the lead role of development and quality for the Data Center Group. She brings over 30 years of expertise developing and leading teams building sophisticated, mission-critical systems that help move humanity forward.

As vice president of development and quality, Bev is at the forefront of major technology trends and guides her teams to truly understand and appreciate the potential to create change in the world with technology, both as individuals and through the products that they deliver. Having a diverse, multi-national team is an important facet to her approach, as she believes that we create better solutions when we bring all of who we are to the problem and integrate our whole holistic selves, as artists, technologists, and beyond.
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