Torben Kling Petersen
Torben Kling Petersen has worked with high performance computing in one form or another since 1994. After leaving academic life in 2000, he’s held technical leadership positions in a number of tech companies (mostly through acquisitions) including Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Xyratex, Seagate, and most recently Cray Inc.

In the various companies, Torben has architected a significant number of HPC and HPC storage systems as well as worked with engineering to bring several new products to market. Torben has authored a large number of white papers and technical articles over the years and has presented at more conferences and events that can be easily listed.

At Cray, Torben currently works as principal engineer and as the lead HPC storage architect for strategic engagements in EMEA and APAC. Torben works out of his home in Goteborg, Sweden when not flying all over the world to meet colleagues and customers.
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