Keynote 3: The Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack and Its Promise for the Exascale Computing Era
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Scalable Computing
TimeMonday, 18 November 20192pm - 3pm
DescriptionOpen source, community-developed reusable scientific software represents a large and growing body of capabilities. Linux distributions, vendor software stacks and individual disciplined software product teams provide the scientific computing community with usable holistic software environments containing core open source software components. At the same time, new software capabilities make it into these distributions in a largely ad hoc fashion.

The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S),first announced in November 2018, along with its community-organized scientific software development kits (SSDKs), is a new community effort to create lightweight cross-team coordination of scientific software development, delivery and deployment and a set of support tools an processes targeted at improving scientific software quality via improved practices, policy, testing and coordination.

E4S ( is an open architecture effort, welcoming teams that are developing technically compatible and high-quality products to participate in the community. E4S and the SSDKs are sponsored by the US Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project (ECP), driven by our need to effectively develop, test, deliver and deploy our open source software products on next generation platform to the scientific community.

In this presentation, we introduce E4S, discuss its design and implementation goals and show examples of success and challenges so far. We will also discuss our connection with other key community efforts we rely upon for our success.
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