bwNetFlow: A Customizable Multi-Tenant Flow Processing Platform for Transit Providers
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Big Data
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Software-defined networking
TimeSunday, 17 November 20199:35am - 10am
DescriptionIn times of increasing bandwidth, network operators strive for increased visibility of their
network's utilization as well as an indication of the legitimacy of traffic processed across network
nodes. Additionally, the detection and mitigation of illegitimate traffic such as denial of service
attacks remains a current and persistently active field of research.

Flow-based network monitoring can provide this information live from any network interface.
This paper introduces a flow processing platform meant to receive flow information from border
interfaces and distribute the acquired information to specialized applications. Transit
providers deploying our platform can use this information directly, but also provide all
interested customers or network entities with the specific subset concerning them.

Between collecting and redistributing the flow information, our platform offers different
methods of enrichment using a variety of sources, allowing for high-level views incorporating
additional data compared to plain Netflow records. However, a provided tool can reencode and
reexport standard Netflow to ensure compatibility and allow for seamless integration of
customer-specific streams into preexisting setups.

This platform's components allow the enrichment, division and anonymization of flow data to a
number of highly customized streams for any type of application, either on a customer-specific
or a network-wide provider level. Applications include the conversion of flow data for
time-series databases and the accompanying dashboards, the detection of DDoS attacks or other
high-traffic situation on any network level, the identification of faulty network routing
policies, or any other use case conceivable on regular flow data, but within an arbitrary
network scope.
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