Workshop: 6th International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools (HUST-19)
Event TypeWorkshop
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HPC Center Planning and Operations
Parallel Application Frameworks
TimeMonday, 18 November 20199am - 12:30pm
Description6th International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools (HUST19) – Supercomputing centers exist to drive scientific discovery by supporting researchers in computational science fields. To make users more productive in complex HPC environment, HPC centers employ specialized support teams. These teams have many functions covering basic system administration, managing 100's of Petabytes with complex hierarchal data-storage systems, supporting high performance networks, consulting on math libraries, code optimization, and managing HPC software stacks. Often, support teams struggle to adequately support scientists. HPC environments are extremely complex, and combined with the complexity of multi-user installations, exotic hardware, and maintaining research software supporting 100's or even 1000's of HPC users can be extremely demanding.

The HUST workshop, has been the ideal forum where new and innovative tools such as XALT, SPACK, and Easybuild have been widely announced to the broader HPC community. This has created communities and special interest groups about these tools, many of which now hold their own BoFs, workshops, and tutorials at SC, ISC and other HPC conferences. HUST will continue to provide a necessary forum for system administrators, user support team members, tool developers, policy makers, and end users. We will provide a forum to discuss support issues and we will provide a publication venue for current support developments. Best practices, user support tools, and any ideas to streamline user support at supercomputing centers are in scope.
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